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Decadent Chocolate Assortment

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Delight in the creamy richness of Merci Petits Milk & Cr�me chocolates, a perfect blend of milk and cream for a luxurious indulgence. Enjoy the festive spirit with Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Festive Shapes, baked to perfection with pure butter for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Savor the satisfying crunch of Hellema Crunchy Cookies Peanuts, infused with the nutty goodness of peanuts. Treat your taste buds to the rich and flavorful Falacone Maxi Cookie Cioko Latte, a heavenly combination of chocolate and coffee. Indulge in the intense cocoa flavors of Weinrich Dark Chocolate Couverture Bar-Chocolate, paired perfectly with the smoothness of Lindor chocolate.

Discover the delightful crunch of whole hazelnuts in Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnut chocolate, and savor the comforting taste of Ginger Biscuit, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and spice. This gift is a celebration of gourmet delights that will delight chocolate and cookie enthusiasts alike.

The Gift Basket consists of:
� Merci Petits Milk & cr�me
� Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Festive Shapes
� Hellema Crunchy Coockies Peanuts 175 g
� Falacone Maxi Cookie Cioko Latte 50 g
� Weinrich Dark Chocolate Couverture Bar-Chocolate
� Lindor chcolate 37.5g
� Ritter Sport Dark Whole Hazelnut 100g
� Ginger Biscuit 85 g

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