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Sunshine Cake Bouquet

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Embark on a journey of joy and sensory delight with our Sunshine Cake Bouquet, a dazzling ensemble that seamlessly merges the richness of Berries Torte Cakes with the vibrant beauty of seasonal flowers. This gift set is not just a present; its a celebration captured in every detail.

Immerse yourself in the decadence of four perfectly crafted Berries Torte Cakes, each measuring approximately 12cm. These petite delights promise a symphony of flavors, with layers of moist cake enveloping a burst of mixed berries that will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure bliss.

The centerpiece of this radiant gift is the Seasonal Flowers Natural Basket in a warm shade of yellow, boasting dimensions of W20cm and H20cm. Overflowing with the freshness of seasonal blooms, this floral arrangement adds a touch of natures elegance to the entire presentation.

As you unwrap the Sunshine Cake Bouquet, youll be greeted by the sweet aroma of berries and the enchanting fragrance of fresh flowers. Its a sensory experience that goes beyond taste, creating a moment of pure joy and indulgence.

Perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to expressions of appreciation, the Sunshine Cake Bouquet is a visual and gastronomic delight. The radiant yellow hues and delectable treats come together to uplift spirits and add a touch of sunshine to your celebrations.

Surprise your loved ones with this unique and attractive gift set, where each bite and every bloom is a testament to the art of thoughtful gifting. Sunshine Cake Bouquet is more than a gift; its a radiant celebration that brings warmth, flavor, and beauty into the lives of those you cherish.

The Gift includes:

� 4 Berries torte Cake (approx 12cm)
� Seasonal Flowers Natural Basket(Yellow)-W20cm & H20cm

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